June 01, 2021

Teaming up with Eubac for widespread and sustainable building automation

We are part of Eubac, the European Building Automation and Controls Association that strives to build a world where buildings are smart, efficient and sustainable. Sharing a common approach with all members of the association allows us to be more present and to get our message across more clearly at European level.

Decisive action is needed if we are to achieve the goals of the 2030 Agenda and total decarbonisation by 2050. The first step is to work on improving the directives, EPBD in particular, so that the energy savings that can be achieved by installing suitable systems are taken into account.

World Environment Day is an opportunity to present the Eubac project in which we have actively collaborated.



The publication entitled “System Balancing for Technical Building Systems: a great opportunity for Energy Savings and Comfort” is aimed at paving the way forward towards decarbonisation. Together with Eubac, we believe that balancing circuits improves their energy efficiency and, as a result, is a major drive to achieve responsible consumption and production goals as well as making cities and communities sustainable. We hope that it will be incorporated into current legislation as soon as possible.

Enclosed below is an excerpt from the publication:

‘It is estimated that 95 % of buildings in Europe do not have well-balanced heating systems.
However, numerous studies have shown that balancing systems, whether centralised with radiators or independent, for private, public or hospitality use, can save a great deal of energy.’

How does balancing contribute to Europe’s transition to a green economy?

By ensuring optimal energy performance, for users and the environment. This means comfort for users and reduced consumption to the benefit of both users and the environment.

‘A study conducted by the Technological University Dublin has shown that optimising the distribution of domestic heating systems in Europe results in potential savings of 22.6 Mtoe (million tonnes of oil equivalent).’

So which of our products can help to achieve the targets for reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and are environmentally friendly?

We have collected them in this guide dedicated to components for balancing systems

The Eubac publication is available here