November 30, 2020

Our event in UAE: DHW System Balancing and Legionella Control

We keep focusing on UAE, supporting the local market development through technical trainings and our on site team.
In the last years, our collaborations have increased a lot in the region as well as our brand awareness and business rewards. Today, we are proud to announce that we’ve been asked to hold our own event on DHW System Balancing and Legionella Control

Who’s the event organiser?

One of the most important entities we are happy to be in touch with is CIBSE DUBAI, a branch of the world recognised CIBSE UK. 

Their aim is to ‘support the Science, Art and Practice of building services engineering, by providing our members and the public with first class information and education services and promoting the spirit of fellowship which guides our work.’

Authoritative. Influential. Respected. And perfectly in line with Caleffi brand values. 

SoPHE (Society of Public Health Engineers) is more than a project, it is an official Group launched by CIBSE in March 2017. Raising the standards of public health engineering design in the whole region is their aim. 
Our event is under this hat. Mr. Alessio Cioni from Caleffi will speak about Domestic Water System Balancing and Legionella Control. 

Our digital event

It will be more than a webinar, we will try to make it as much interesting, educational and interactive as possible. 
We hope we will contribute to a journey of progress, focusing on functionality, efficiency and environmental sustainability.
We wish to transmit the flowing expertise that gives the right climate to life.

Let’s meet there Dec. 16th. Subscribe here.

Our target audience

UAE designers are strongly invited to be with us.

Don’t forget the online event is open worldwide
Are you from Middle East, India, Far East, Europe, Africa, etc.? Come and train with us!

If you miss our event, it will be available at CIBSE YouTube channel.