November 26, 2021

How do you protect a heat pump from the cold?

If you are reading this newsletter, it is probably because you already have a heat pump at home. You have already been through the heat pump selection process to find the pump most suited to your needs. So as winter approaches, here we are with a few questions and answers on how to protect heat pumps from the cold.

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We were just saying that heat pumps installed outside homes can be protected from the cold by taking a few measures and using an accessory component which we will introduce to you below.

Valvola antigelo Caleffi serie 108


The 108 series antifreeze valve allows the circuit medium to be drained when its temperature reaches an average value of 3 °C. This prevents ice from forming inside a system with a heat pump, avoiding potential damage to the machine and to the pipes.

This device is installed outside the home, where the lowest temperatures occur, and should be positioned on both the flow and the return. It must also be positioned away from heat sources which could affect its operation. 

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Heat pump

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