April 29, 2020

eXtra Small Protection Pack

Caleffi presents the market with the new Protection Pack: the kit composed of a dirt separator filter and two chemical additives for cleaning heating systems. A single solution to simplify the work of installers, plumbers and maintenance technicians, and ensure greater energy efficiency in heating systems.


Technological advances have improved energy efficiency in heating and air conditioning systems, but has also made them more susceptible to malfunctions.

To protect them, the UNI8065:2019 standard specifies the use of a combination of chemical additives and physical water treatment systems able to prevent corrosion or scaling, and eliminate any impurities in the thermal medium. Whereas it is easy to find space for such devices in medium-large systems, it is harder in independent systems with wall-mounted boilers.

As we know, dirt separators are rather bulky, and chemical additives require plenty of working space, which is not always available. The new Caleffi Protection Pack is the perfect solution to overcome these issues.

The XS® under-boiler magnetic filter is normally used to separate impurities, but can be a convenient system access point when using the Fast chemical additives provided in the flushing kit.

Wall-mounted boilers are often located in the home, so it is important that cleaning devices are aesthetically unobtrusive. The elegant lines of Caleffi XS® hide a mechanical filtration system with steel mesh, which captures all the impurities in the medium when combined with the action of the dirt separation chamber and magnet.

A three-way shut-off valve isolates the dirt separation chamber from the rest of the system. This is compliant with the requirements of most wall-mounted boiler manufacturers and simplifies maintenance operations. Moreover, the clear profile of Caleffi XS® makes it possible to check its clogging state and take action only when cleaning is actually required.

Using the optional flushing kit, C1 Fast Inhibitor can be dosed to protect the system from corrosion and scaling. Alternatively the C3 Fast Cleaner can be used.

These additives have the same chemical formulation as traditional ones, but offer the great benefit of being supplied in canisters that can even be used with pressurised systems.

Each additive can treat up to 150 litres of water, equivalent to 15 radiators or 120 m2 of radiant panels, which is the average size of a wall-mounted boiler system.

The Caleffi Protection Pack KIT545900 is therefore able to satisfy the regulations in force even for systems in which it is difficult to find an access point to inject additives, while ensuring complete cleaning and high energy efficiency standards for the entire service life of the system.