February 14, 2019

DIRTMAGCLEAN®, the unconventional dirt separator

The 5790 series DIRTMAGCLEAN® magnetic dirt separator is used in central heating systems within medium-large climate control structures to completely remove impurities and dirt.

Unlike conventional filters, its electronically-controlled self cleaning action ensures that it does not clog and does not require continual complex maintenance.

It combines the principle of settling with the specific action of filter elements through which all the water in the system flows. The very fine filter mesh progressively intercepts particles down to 2 μm in size. Ferrous impurities are separated by magnets on the surface of the mechanical cleaning elements.

The filter elements are automatically cleaned when a preset clogging level is reached, which is detected through the pressure drop. During the final washing, the filters rotate through high-speed water jets and brushes that remove the surface dirt, which then falls into the collection chamber and is removed simply by emptying. Finally, the DIRTMAGCLEAN® is refilled with water to restore the system pressure.

The digital regulator built into the DIRTMAGCLEAN® manages all its working phases, but can also be controlled remotely through a BMS with MODBUS-RTU protocol.