July 16, 2018


10 years ago we inaugurated CUBOROSSO, Caleffi's experimental research centre dedicated to existing components and new products for exploiting alternative energy sources.

On June 20, 2008, Cristina and Marco Caleffi cut the ribbon in front of numerous guests, many from trade publications and the national press.  It was an enjoyable day of celebration that offered a time for interesting study and analysis.

The centre hosts product testing laboratories, the Engineering Division, which employs around 30 people, and the recently launched CALEFFI EXPERIENCE, a high-technology showroom mainly used as a venue for technical training meetings. 

Out of curiosity: why CUBOROSSO? 

Red was chosen in honour of the colour of Italian science and technology, as symbolised by great Italian industrial brands and most important technological parks; entrepreneurship and scientific research strive for excellence, and red highlights the structure in its territorial context.

The cube symbolises corporate solidity and the scientific nature of research, symbology that contains the essence of Caleffi's commitment: continuous improvement.

This springs from the mind of architect Francesco Rusconi-Clerici of Studio Tekne in Milan: "The intention was to create a strong indication of innovation, with an even stronger visual impact than the group’s main production site. Therefore the building was conceived as a showcase of a wealth of tools, equipment and controls, installed in a precise, modular and metallic box, because iron represents adaptability and flexibility, mirroring the company philosophy".


CUBOROSSO 10 years on

Since that June, we have come a long way, and the desire to do our part in terms of innovation within our district remains unaltered. CUBOROSSO has become a veritable icon within the Caleffi world, so much so that it has been reproduced on exhibition stands as a trademark that can be recognised from afar. The somewhat delocalized company, with spaces that act as containers for innovation, even when it comes to corporate visual communication: this is the MCE 2016 video mapping project (click this link) and this is the MCE 2018 Virtual Reality project (click this link). Who knows what innovations lie ahead and around our CUBE.