February 10, 2021

Caleffi XS® - The most versatile, compact and elegant under-boiler magnetic filter on the market



What is Caleffi XS®?

Versatile and sustainable, Caleffi XS® is the most compact and elegant under-boiler magnetic filter on the market. 
Suitable for most wall-mounted boilers, its technical approach is based on three principles:
- filtration, which captures impurities;
- the magnetic field, which separates the ferrous particles;
- the plenum chamber to settle the dirt.

Why should you install a dirt separator?

As we know, impurities in heating and air conditioning systems can cause a number of problems, such as blocked and seized pumps, lower efficiency of the heat exchangers, irregular operation of the valves and insufficient heat exchange. In order to ensure that the system is as efficient as possible, bringing benefits in terms of both energy savings and maintenance costs, it is essential to install a mechanical device to separate impurities.

The most effective way of addressing these needs is to use a dirt separator, which combines routine system cleaning with a great advantage, which is that impurities settle in the dirt collection chamber without causing variations in the flow characteristics of the device.

On which systems is it recommended to install a dirt separator?

In central heating systems and in medium-to-large-sized systems since we already know how to find the correct location on the return pipe to the generator. 
It is in independent or wall-mounted boiler systems that installation is often overlooked, complicated or even impossible. Most times, the biggest problem with these kinds of systems is the lack of available space, as well as aesthetics given that wall-mounted boilers are often placed in the kitchen.

Caleffi XS® is extra small and fits domestic environments

The under-boiler magnetic filter CALEFFI XS® (series 5459) not only solves all the problems related to boiler and thermal system protection, but can also be installed on most wall-mounted boilers, especially in a domestic environment. It is compact, which makes it unrivalled on the market, and offers two installation options: directly on the boiler or wall mounted, which means that the other connection is a hose. 

With its small body and elegant lines, Caleffi XS® encloses a mechanical filtration system with a steel mesh which, combined with the action of the plenum chamber and the magnet for separating the ferrous particles, is able to capture all impurities.
A three-way shut-off valve isolates the dirt separation chamber from the rest of the system, thus meeting the requirements of most wall-mounted boiler manufacturers, making maintenance operations much easier. This solution ensures that Caleffi XS®, thanks to a special kit, can also be a convenient access point for inserting additives and for treating systems with chemical additives in order to protect them against corrosion and limescale. 
Finally, the chamber has transparent windows, which allows the state of cleanliness of the internal elements to be checked so that they can be cleaned only when really necessary.


Caleffi also launches the new Protection Pack: the kit composed of an under-boiler magnetic filter and two chemical additives for deeper cleaning. Check it out!