March 02, 2018

Caleffi products selected for the "Percorso Efficienza e Innovazione" at MCE 2018

3 Caleffi products selected for the "Percorso Efficienza e Innovazione" (Efficiency and Innovation) at MCE 2018: DYNAMICAL®, DISCALSLIM® e LEGIOMIX®.

A new format this year for this initiative

The initiative has always showcased products and solutions from exhibiting companies which stand out for their innovation, not just in technical terms, and this year it will be addressing the public beyond the confines of the Fair in a more accessible format. The Percorso will be closely linked to the MCE in Città event in Piazza Gae Aulenti, thus enabling visitors to see for themselves, in a set of interactive installations, the shocking amount of waste in our everyday lives: wasted water and power, an exploration of their sources, and also of the quality of the air we breathe, with the aim of promoting more sustainable lifestyles.

As Massimiliano Pierini, Managing Director of Reed Exhibitions Italia, says in the official press release:  “The new format of the Percorso Efficienza & Innovazione has two aims: on the one hand, to support professionals as they review the most important technological innovations on show at the Fair, and on the other, to promote greater awareness among the general public, always attentive to comfort in their daily lives, of the issues of efficiency and combating waste. The aim is to grow public awareness of innovation as a way of facilitating informed relations with the technicians who install technologies in all our homes.”

The 77 energy efficiency solutions selected from an open field of candidates by Milan Polytechnic will be available for review online before, during and for an extended period after the event, as well as being on show at stands at the Fair itself.

The three products submitted by Caleffi this year were all accepted for the event - a result we are very proud of.

The products will also be installed in the BIM model of a two-family detached home designed by the ABC Department of Milan Polytechnic, on show first at the MEP BIM Forum area of MCE 2018 (pavilion 2) for all visitors to the Fair, who will be able to interact with the model and experience the power of BIM technology for themselves, and then in a video version on Mostra Convegno Expocomfort's digital channels.