November 17, 2020

BIG5 Dubai becomes BIG5 Digital Festival. We will be there.

This year, all physical events have been forced to evolve into digital events. It is the best way for companies to stay in touch with their customers and not close themselves off, despite the difficult situation. And so even BIG5 Dubai, DMG’s exhibition format, which had a trial run in the Middle East and North Africa, has decided to go digital with the BIG5 Digital Festival. We recognise its value and, once again, we will be one of the partners of the event. We will be there.

BIG5 Dubai is the largest building and construction event in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. We have been a partner of this exhibition for many years now, and it is our gateway to the South East. It has helped us grow to the point that we decided to open a representative office in Dubai in 2019 so that we could become a contact point for our local customers and prospects, ensuring our continuous presence and assistance and demonstrating our dedication to the area.

This year, BIG5 Dubai turns into the BIG5 Digital Festival and retains its central role, overcoming previously existing physical boundaries. The event can be accessed from anywhere in the world, free of charge, despite remaining focused on a local target audience.

But why did we choose BIG5 Digital Festival?

The BIG5 Digital Festival has set itself the goal of supporting and strengthening the international building and construction community, especially during these challenging and critical times. To achieve this goal, a digital event has been organised, which will give participants the opportunity to network, keep up to date, take a look at the products displayed by participating companies and interact with them directly.

From 23 to 26 November. From 11 am to 6 pm GST. From the Middle East to the world. BIG 5 Digital Festival will be live and accessible everywhere. We will be there.

We want to continue to be present for our customers. We feel the void caused by the absence of physical events. The business opportunities offered by trade fairs are invaluable, as is involving people through face-to-face contact, and we are well aware of this.

But we have a great opportunity: a digital approach that can be integrated with a face-to-face approach.
It will serve as a showcase to present our products and make our flowing expertise, the flow of know-how of our industry and of building installations, available to others by establishing fruitful relationships with our customers.

How we present ourselves

In September, we launched our new corporate message: Flowing Expertise. We intend to export it worldwide, not just in words. Our approach is driven by this flow, which runs through markets, changes, and economic and social developments.
It is a flow consisting of technique, experience, knowledge, the desire to get involved, tell stories and constantly keep in touch with the market and its players. We are committed to being a contact point supporting our customers in every country in the world.
In Dubai and, generally speaking, in the whole area that BIG5 focuses on, the ability to forge stable, true and solid relationships is extremely important. It’s in our style, and the BIG5 Digital Festival will allow us to demonstrate this.

In addition to the exhibition, we can make our presence felt in any region through our videos, which can be a powerful tool, alongside others. In particular, our new process video shows our daily activities - unfiltered.

Which products will we be presenting?

We have built our virtual space by focusing on the best proposals, selected by the organisers, for our customers. These are high-quality, high-tech Made in Caleffi products offering high levels of performance for Plumbing and HVAC systems.

The LEGIOMIX® 24 V, an electronic mixing valve with thermal disinfection, is our flagship product. Launched at BIG5 Dubai in 2018, it is still a very relevant product. After being forced to cease all activities and close, many accommodation and commercial facilities, such as residential care homes, hotels, restaurants and residences, now need to disinfect their domestic water systems thoroughly. In the Arab Emirates, a tourist destination par excellence, these facilities need to be able to restart their systems safely after closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, given that the risk of Legionella proliferation may have increased during this period.

The 149 series connection and regulation kit for HVAC terminal units is perfect for fan coil or air handling units. It includes all the accessories required to ensure simple operation in this type of system, such as commissioning, and easy maintenance of the components on which it is installed.

In countries where high-rise buildings are prevalent, the 5350 H pressure reducing valve becomes essential in order to ensure the normal operation of domestic water distribution systems. Water is actually delivered by high-pressure public networks capable of satisfying the demands made by numerous users.
This distribution pressure is often subject to huge fluctuations as a result of the variability of consumption, and this can cause serious problems if it is not kept under control.
Automatic pressure reducing valves regulate the output pressure, which is fixed at preset optimum values, and keep it stable when inlet conditions change.

These are just some of the solutions we will be presenting.
Check out our showcase by registering here for free.

We are looking forward to meeting you online

Another opportunity offered by the BIG5 Digital Festival is the possibility to interact directly with our customers.
We will be able to communicate via chat and see each other on video. We think it is a well-suited choice for us: professionalism, reliability and transparency become tangible when we can show what goes on behind the scenes.
Despite being held remotely, we are confident that digital events will help us not to lose touch with the market and to maintain our existing relationships.

Join BIG5 and come and meet us, the Caleffi team.