August 26, 2020

The Beauty of Intelligence - CODE®

Intelligent and user-friendly, CALEFFI CODE® is the connected system - born from the research and reliability of Caleffi Hydronic Solutions - that controls the climate of each living environment independently, for both independent and centralized systems. Maximum comfort and maximum savings thanks to a wireless COMFORT CONTROL for each heater, a sensor and a gateway that allow managing the temperature through a mobile app (Android and iOS). Easy to integrate into building automation systems, CALEFFI CODE® adapts to all living styles thanks to its minimal and stylish design.

Home thermoregulation offers great advantages in terms of both comfort and energy saving. However, it is not always easy to achieve good results, especially in older systems and ones with little chance of intervention.
Today, technological innovation enables developing increasingly high-performance components to control the heating and air conditioning of homes, guaranteeing management of numerous parameters through wireless technology. Through these advanced systems it is in fact possible to carry out a series of operations, from the simplest, such as differentiating and programming areas of the dwelling, to the most complex, such as remote management of the heating and air conditioning system.
The extension of the Internet has allowed developing so-called IoT devices (Internet of things) in other words components that, by exploiting the network, communicate with each other and are able to collect and transfer data and information, managed remotely for the most varied needs, also via smartphone apps.

CALEFFI CODE® is based on this very principle. It is in fact a system – that is a set of several devices – that offers the user the opportunity to adapt the operating conditions of the heating system to their own needs, modifying the regulation dynamics

CALEFFI CODE® is a system composed of four basic elements:

Because of its nature, CALEFFI CODE® is ideal not only for installation in independent heating systems, but also in centralized heating systems, thus regulating the temperature of each apartment: the gateway is able to manage up to 256 devices or 64 zones simultaneously. Thanks to the Modbus protocol, CALEFFI CODE® can also easily integrate into existing building automation systems.

Installation is simplified by a guided procedure with images and videos, available in the app or at (for a more comprehensive warranty, we recommend that you contact a professional installer). The weekly, daily and hourly programming is facilitated by a wizard that, through a few simple questions, identifies the user’s lifestyle and suggests a starting plan thus avoiding the task of creating a program from scratch. In addition, programming can be temporarily suspended via quick functions that allow varying the temperature in unexpected or momentary situations: for example, CLEAN and BOOST lower the temperature or raise it if the windows are open, while ECO reduces the temperature without altering the defined settings. Configuration and management require a Wi-Fi network and a mobile device, but it is always possible to perform some operations even without a network.

In addition to the basic, sensor and gateway versions, the PRO version is also available.

  • CODE SENSOR PRO with a boiler contact can also be used to manage boiler activation in place of a normal wall-mounted thermostat
  • CODE GATEWAY PRO has a built-in GSM modem with a Micro SIM slot, so you can use the system even when there is no Wi-Fi Internet network (as is often the case in second homes)

Both GATEWAY and GATEWAY PRO can also connect with the heat generator, not only through a normal ON/OFF contact, but by using OPENTHERM technology. This also provides the boiler with information on the trend of the ambient temperature, thus optimizing the production of energy and reducing consumption.
Thanks to this connection, CALEFFI CODE® is therefore a category VIII thermo control system in accordance with the E.P. Directive.

The CALEFFI CODE® app can remotely control all the system functions and room temperature values simply and directly. Each zone can be managed separately, creating custom programs that can easily be modified. With the quick functions you can set different scenarios: Auto (automatic), Eco (energy saving), Clean, Boost (fast heating), Holiday and OFF (antifreeze). 

The telephone or tablet displays all the information about the various zones: temperature, operating status, and any malfunctions. Finally, by installing the app on multiple smartphones, it is possible to operate simultaneously by logging in with the same user.

In the event of malfunctioning, the CALEFFI CODE® app offers a remote assistance service, facilitating the installer in the intervention and expediting the resolution of any issues. Finally, CALEFFI CODE® can interface with BACS building automation and control systems, using the MODBUS connection in the gateway.

Particular attention has also been paid to the design. Stylish and minimal, CALEFFI CODE® is perfectly suited to all furnishing and design situations, with its essential lines and two colour options (BLACK and WHITE).