February 13, 2020

Install Fest Ukraine 4.0 2020

Installers and designers meet every year along a defined roadmap to battle for being the best professional awarded. Caleffi is among the main sponsors: top-notch quality standard and fun bundled together in Ukraine. 

Install Fest Ukraine is a professional event for HVAC installers and designers. This is a completely new format to present products to the heating and plumbing market. 
The idea to create this festival originated after several comments coming over time from installers and designers about the constant lack of information, inadequate attention and absence of dialogue with manufacturers even during specialized industry exhibitions. This festival will help installers and designers to directly meet up with manufacturers, to get access to information material of top-ranking products and to enjoy several days of entertaining programs, specifically meant for the this audience. The unofficial name of this festival is “The Assembler’s Day!”

Caleffi will be sponsor at the Install Fest Ukraine 4.0 2020

Caleffi has been among the main sponsors since the beginning: we believe in technical knowledge sharing and in people passionate about their job.
Here below some cool videos about the qualification phases up to now, held along a roadmap throughout Ukraine that will lead to Kiev for the final tages on 28-30 April, 2020. You'll find hard work, high professionality and people laughing. All the best to the Install Fest Ukraine, we'll be there.