HVAC Efficiency Award pour Caleffi


During the HVAC Easyfairs fair in Brussels (26 and 27 September 2013) Caleffi has been awarded with the HVAC Efficiency Award 2013. This award recognizes the most innovative product in the field of energy efficiency. Both jury and audience rewarded the distribution units of Caleffi (SATK20 - SATK30 - SATK40) as the strongest entry in the competition in the field of renewable energy and rational use of energy. Mauro Manfredi, Marketing & Sales Manager at Caleffi, is proud to receive this recognition. "Caleffi invests heavily in energy efficiency," says Mauro Manfredi. "Every day, about 30 people in our research center in Italy are engaged in testing, improving and developing products and concepts. Priority in that research is sustainability and rational use of energy. Our distribution units are one of our flagship products in the field of energy efficiency. We are therefore very satisfied to see these efforts rewarded." According to Mauro Manfredi, distribution units are a textbook example of energy: "In larger construction projects, decentralized heating systems are becoming an obvious choice. This translates into a central heating system with a distribution unit per dwelling instead of an individual boiler per property. This allows the client to to save on installation costs and to generate electricity with renewable energies."