Cody Mack
September 12, 2017


Sorry for the late reply!

Our 3 and 4 zone controls have a single 40 VA transformer while our 6 zone control offers two 40 VA transformers. If you have 3 thermostats controlling 8 thermo-electric actuators that will work just fine with our ZVR103 (3 zone control). You can wire multiple actuators in parallel to the zone valve output on the board. The ZVR will also be able to control your pump for these zones as well!

The ZVR103 with it's single 40 VA transformer is more than capable of handling a dozen or more 3 watt thermo-electric actuators along with the thermostats to control them (if they're power consuming).

Best Regards,

Cody Mack
Applications Engineer
Caleffi North America

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