James Poehling

In reply to by Mark Olson

July 21, 2014

The days of install and forget are over.
Now that we are into 95% efficient boilers and ECM pumps, water chemistry will become an increasingly large issue.
Manufacturers are no longer going to warrent plugged boilers or frozen pumps because the water quality is bad. Speaking as a wholesaler, we won't accept the expense of replacement. The contractor will be stuck with resolving the problem at his own expense.
The day of continuous pressure (fill) valves will fast be coming to an end.
Systems will need demineralized (distilled) water that has been treated with oxygen scavengers and minimal pH modification. LWCO will replace the fill valve and proper water treatment will be necessary for any added water in the system.

If a system is correctly installed, the fill valve will never actuate. The purpose of the fill valve goes back to the days of "packed seal" pumps where the librication for the seal was a drop of water a minute dripping out of the seal. Now the pumps have no seals what so ever. The need for the fill valve is gone. Arise world and end the tyranny of the fill valve in hydronic systems! (OK a little over the top).

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