January 12, 2022

Standing Tall: An Up-Close Look at Caleffi

We were proud to host Mechanical Hub this past fall for a tour of our headquarters in Fontanento d'Agogna, Italy and a warm and genuine interview with our Chairman, Marco Caleffi.  As penned by John Mesenbrink, enjoy this "up-close" look at Caleffi.

Starting over 60 years ago in a small province in northern Italy, Caleffi has increased its footprint, expanded its international presence, survived the current pandemic, all the while manufacturing some of the most innovative PHVAC, heat metering and renewable products in the world.

This past fall, Mechanical Hub was honored to tour the Caleffi S.p.A. global headquarters in Fontaneto d’Agogna, Italy. We were joined by Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr, Training and Education Manager, Caleffi North America. Afterward, we sat down to chat with Chairman Marco Caleffi. 


Photo (left) - Mark Olson (Caleffi NA), Fabio Rossi (Caleffi S.p.A.), Bob Rohr (Caleffi NA), Eric Aune (Mechanical Hub)
Photo (center) - Bob Rohr, Eric Aune, Fabio Rossi
Photo (right) - Marco Caleffi (Caleffi S.p.A.) with Eric Aune and Bob Rohr