April 21, 2020

A Slam Dunk in the #CaleffiMarchMania Contest

In the spirit of a fun but canceled spring competition, Caleffi North America rallied the Instagram playing field and hosted a photo contest called #CaleffiMarchMania.  During the week of March 23, eight contestants – the Great 8 – competed in four head-to-head brackets.  On the day of assigned competition, each competitor posted an installation photo and/or video showing Caleffi product(s) with the #CaleffiMarchMania hashtag.  Whichever post received the most likes by 8 p.m. CDT on the day of assigned competition advanced to the next bracket, the Finale Four. 

The semifinals were “played” with the same contest rules on Tuesday, March 31 and Thursday, April 2.  The contest culminated in a championship round on Monday, April 6 where Tyler Dynes (a.k.a. @dynes10) was pitted against Jared, Matt and Jake (a.k.a. @boiler_bros).  Dynes made the fast break and took the championshiph round, as determined by the greatest number of likes on the contestant’s feed, and won $500 worth of Caleffi product valued at list price.

Said Jared Pullium, Matt Buyak and Jake Layton, all of Carlson Heating (Torrington, Conn.) and a.k.a @boiler_bros, “We love these competitions!  Hope we can keep chugging along to the finals!”

Join us in the excitement and camaraderie of the competition by visiting our Instagram feed @caleffi_na in support of these fine and essential installers’ workmanship!

The FINALE FOUR:  @pipefiggerbg, @dynes10, @boiler_bros and @hvac_hatch.

Thank you, GREAT 8, for your spirited play!
@pipefitterbg, @boilerboss610, @mattrohachuk, @dynes10, @crsmechanical, @boiler_bros, @andydamien and @hvac_hatch