April 27, 2020

Shop Talk with Bob "Hot Rod" Rohr

EPISODE 3: Going back to Primary-Secondary School with Bob "Hot Rod" Rohr
Monday, April 27
7-8 pm CDT

Let's clear up the concept and function of the various piping and components used in today's systems.  Episode 3 will focus on the proper piping, pros and cons of the various options. See it in front of your eyes. Want to join in the conversation? We'll open up the mic for you.

Leave it to Hot Rod to invite you into his workshop  on Know it All Lane and share some Shop Talk with you to help solve your heating and plumbing perplexities. Educational? Sure. Entertaining?  You bet! So why not join us for an hour on Monday evenings and catch this don't-miss, reality webinar series?  The one thing?  You need to sign up.

Don't know "Hot Rod"? Recently recognized with the 2020-2022 Carlson-Holohan Industry Award of Excellence, Bob Rohr is sure to delight the audience with his expertise and quick wit. He travels from sea to shining sea, sharing his 30+ years' of experience as a plumbing, radiant heat and renewable energy contractor. A regular contributor for industry magazine, Hot Rod puts his rubber-to-the-road experiences to pen.

Each week we're selecting a charity to support as they help in the fight against COVID-19. For Episode 3, we're asking our audience to check their pantries, bag up the non-perishable items that are not needed and drop them off at your local Food Pantry or Homeless Shelter. Snap a selfie with your grocery items, email us at meeting@caleffi.com and we'll share with our Episode 4 audience.  Prefer social media?  Post your photo to your favorite social media platform with the #ShopTalkWithHotRod hashtag. 

Shop Talk technical training webinars are free and intended for contractors, designers and wholesalers. By submitting your webinar registration, you are consenting to email communications to keep you up-to-date on industry news.

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And... thanks for welcoming us into your living room.  Thanks, too, to Mechanical Hub for teaming up with us in order to offer you an enjoyable educational experience.  Stay well, stay healthy.