April 13, 2020

Shop Talk with Bob "Hot Rod" Rohr

Shop Talk
with Bob "Hot Rod" Rohr

Thank you for all who participated in Shop Talk!   During the miniseries, $2,545 was raised for charitable organizations as they uniquely make a difference in our fight against COVID-19 .  Stay tuned for future Episodes of Shop Talk!


We've teamed up with Mechanical Hub to offer you an enjoyable experience.  Leave it to Hot Rod to invite you into his workshop on Know it All Lane and share some Shop Talk with you to help solve your heating and plumbing perplexities.  Educational? Sure.  Entertaining?  You bet!  So why not join us for an hour on Monday evenings and catch this don't-miss, reality webinar series.  The one thing:  you need to register in order to participate!  Simply click on the episode of your choice to register.

Episode 1:  What's up with air in hydronic systems?  (now on YouTube

Episode 2:  Let's keep it clean.  Particle and magnetic separation in today's hydronic world.  (now on YouTube

Episode 3:  Going back to Primary-Secondary School (now on YouTube

Episode 4:  The heat is on!   It's time to talk about transferring it. (now on YouTube)

Episode 5:  Hydraulic Separation - “One small step for hydronics-man, one GIANT leap for mankind.”  (now on YouTube)

Episode 6:  A Tank is a Tank... Or Is It? (now on YouTube)

Don't know "Hot Rod"? Recently recognized with the 2020-2022 Carlson-Holohan Industry Award of Excellence, Hot Rod is sure to delight the audience with his expertise and quick wit. He travels from sea to shining sea, sharing his 30+ years' of experience as a plumbing, radiant heat and renewable energy contractor. A regular contributor for industry magazine, Hot Rod puts his rubber-to-the-road experiences to pen.

Get out your calculator!  Here's our Donation Schedule:

EPISODE  Charity Donation Total
Episode 6 Ronald McDonald House Charities $235
Episode 5 ASPCA $175
Episode 4 Meals on Wheels $480
Episode 3:  April 27 Your local Food Pantry Food Donations
Episode 2:  April 20 Red Cross $755
Episode 1:  April 13 Chefs for America and Samaritan's Purse $900 evenly divided

How are these charities helping in the fight against COVID-19?

Meals on Wheels:  "Are focused on doing all they can to keep older Americans safe and nourished in communities across the country."
American Red Cross:  "Are working in a national effort to support the collection and distribution of convalescent plasma, a potentially life-saving treatment for critically ill COVID-19 patients."
ChefsForAmerica:  "Delivering fresh meals, putting restaurants back to work and are helping to feed our front-line healthcare workers. "
Samritan's Purse:  Have deployed two mobile hospitals; one outside of Milan, Italy - and close to our world HQ - since March 20 and in New York's Central Park since April 1.

Missed an Episode?  No worries!  You can watch them on YouTube 24/7 at your convenience.