April 12, 2023

Introducing the Posi-Stop™

What is Posi-Stop™? Caleffi is rolling out a union seal design for a consistent and superior seal over the broad range of connections encountered in plumbing and hydronic applications.  This versatile system uses an EPDM O-ring in place of a fiber gasket. 

When the installer tightens the union nut, an O-ring seal compresses to a controlled value by way of a positive metal-to-metal stop.  How does the installer know if the seal is tight enough? It stops spinning. No guesswork, perfect compression every time. 

Watch for Posi-Stop in the 573 AutoFill™ Combo, a best-seller across the globe.  The union connection between the backflow and pre-adjustable automatic filling valve will have a Posi-Stop seal on both sides.  Look for the Posi-Stop sticker on the carton package.  Full instructions are also included in the product box for installer instruction notes.

Listen in as Cody Mack, Caleffi national training manager, explains:

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