February 25, 2016

HYDROFILL™ Hydronic Water Treatment Filling Units

Water is the “life-blood” of hydronic systems. Just as we strive to maintain the health of our own circulatory systems, it’s important to maintain the “health” of water and water based solutions that circulate through the hydronic systems we construct and maintain. 

The NA570 Series HYDROFILL™ portable water treatment filling units remove scale forming “hard water" minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, from job-site water. Salts and other soluble minerals are eliminated to prevent reduced efficiency and premature equipment failure due to scale build-up or galvanic attack.

HYDROFILL is a convenient tool enabling contractors to use job-site water to produce ideal grade demineralized water at an economical cost per gallon.  Check out this brief video to see how HYDROFILL works:

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