July 13, 2020

Hot Topics with Hot Rod

EPISODE 1: Buffed.  Wow, Look At THAT Tank!
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Bob "Hot Rod" Rohr will take a look at when and why you should consider a hydronic buffer tank. He'll share his sizing tips and explain how to pipe these tanks. To make it even more interesting, Hot Rod will let you jump inside the buffer tank and piping during a LIVE demo.  Want to join in the conversation? We'll open up the mic or you. Watch out! Hot Rod may throw in a give-away or two.

We appreciate HeatingHelp.com in partnering with us to offer you this enjoyable educational experience. Have a topic related question? Check out The Wall to post your comments. Let the dialogue begin!

During each Episode of Hot Topics, we're selecting a charity to support. Johns Hopkins Medicine is busy in the assault on COVID-19 and we are going to join them in that endeavor. BOTH HeatingHelp.com and Caleffi will MATCH up to $500 in donations to the charity. Want to help? Simply let us know in the post-webinar survey. We will provide the donation link for your information following the webinar. Thanks for considering!

Don't know "Hot Rod"? Recently recognized with the 2020-2022 Carlson-Holohan Industry Award of Excellence, he is delighted to invite you into his workshop on Know it All Lane to help you solve your hydronic and plumbing perplexities. He travels from sea to shining sea for Caleffi North America, sharing his 30+ years' of experience as a plumbing, radiant heat and renewable energy contractor. A regular contributor for industry magazines, Hot Rod puts his rubber-to-the-road experiences to pen.

So why not join us for an hour on Monday evenings and catch this don't-miss, reality webinar series? It is guaranteed fun to be had. These Hot Topics are sponsored by Caleffi North America. Thanks for welcoming us into your living room. Stay well, stay healthy.

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