March 30, 2020

Full-court Press in the #CaleffiMarchMania Contest

MILWAUKEE  – Monday, March 30, 2020:  In the spirit of a fun but canceled spring competition, Caleffi North America is rallying the Instagram playing field to support the Finale Four in the popular #CaleffiMarchMania photo contest.  During the week of March 23, eight contestants – the Great 8 – competed in four head-to-head brackets.  On the day of assigned competition, each competitor posted an installation photo and/or video showing Caleffi product(s) with the #CaleffiMarchMania hashtag.  Whichever post received the most likes by 8 p.m. CDT on the day of assigned competition advanced to the next bracket, the Finale Four. 

The semifinals – “played” with the same contest rules - are scheduled for Tuesday, March 31 and Thursday, April 2.  The contest culminates in a championship round on Monday, April 6.  The champion, as determined by the greatest number of likes on the contestant’s feed, wins $500 worth of Caleffi product valued at list price.

Said Jared Pullium, Matt Buyak and Jake Layton, all of Carlson Heating (Torrington, Conn.) and a.k.a @boiler_bros, “We love these competitions!  Hope we can keep chugging along to the finals!”

Join us in the excitement and camaraderie of the competition by visiting our Instagram feed @caleffi_na in support of these fine and essential installers’ workmanship!

The FINALE FOUR:  @pipefiggerbg, @dynes10, @boiler_bros and @hvac_hatch.

Thank you, GREAT 8, for your spirited play!
@pipefitterbg, @boilerboss610, @mattrohachuk, @dynes10, @crsmechanical, @boiler_bros, @andydamien and @hvac_hatch



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