March 17, 2021

Five Things You Need To Know About The “5 Things”


MILWAUKEE – Wednesday, March 17, 2021:   Caleffi North America is proud to introduce a mini training series, the “5 Things You Need To Know.”  The educational videos are now available on YouTube and feature Cody Mack, Caleffi training and education manager.  Mack creatively and succinctly addresses plumbing and hydronic system applications in order to assist the listener in problem solving and avoidance.

Why listen into the “5 Things”?
1.  You identify with the condition:  webinar-weary.
2.  You have 5 minutes available.
3.  You are naturally curious.
4.  You appreciate the value of Cliffs Notes®.
5.  You enjoy a balance of education and entertainment (Mack will not disappoint).

Mack has nearly 20 years’ experience as an installation contractor, service technician, application engineer and most recently training manager for Caleffi. He pounds the pavement – whether real time or virtual - educating Boomers, Gen-X’ers, Millennials and beyond.  A family man, gear-head and motorcycle-enthusiast, our listeners will appreciate his thoughtful delivery and common sense product approach.

For further information, feel free to access the mini-series on YouTube or contact us at (414) 238-2360.

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