March 01, 2022

Cutting-Edge Innovation in Temperature Mixing

Caleffi mixing valves lead the way.  From 3/8" under-sink scald protection valves to 3" flanged digital master mixing vales, we have a full offering for residential and commercial applicaitons including:

SinkMixer™ - This scald protection, undersink thermostatic mixing valve is precision engineered to deliver safe tempered water. Patent pending forged low-lead brass valve body enables high flow capacity in a very compact body. The easy-to-install 4-port design connects all water lines and, compared to standard 3-port valves, requires less piping and no tee. 

MixCal™ - The unique mixing chamber design of the valve produces stable mixed water temperature as inlet temperatures and pressures vary. Scale formation is minimized via sliding surfaces constructed of an anti-scale polymer, thus guarding against seizing or erratic mixed temperatures. O-ring seals made from durable peroxide-cured EPDM resist wear from common water treatment additives such as chlorine and chloramines.

TankMixer™ - the perfect mixing valve solution to maximize the capacity of modern high efficiency water heaters and minimize installation time. It comes packaged with the award-winning AngleMix™ included in the kit with everything needed for fast installation including union fittings and industry-exclusive press connections.

LEGIOMIX® - an electronic mixing valve with digital control of temperature for commercial domestic hot water systems. The daily exercise function keeps the ball valve free of scale build-up to ensure smooth operation. Rated highest in the market for flow capacity, this feature packed product also has an industry exclusive calendar-based scheduling program for automatic circuit thermal disinfection.

Over 50 years of innovation and global experience assure high quality and proven reliability.  A wide selection of double union connection types work with copper, iron, steel and non-metallic pipes.  The valves comply with the necessary standards and codes for the U.S. and Canada.  CALEFFI GUARANTEED.