July 21, 2022

Coffee with Caleffi™

Fundamentals of Pressure Reducing Valves

Thursday, July 21, 2022
12 noon-1:00 p.m. CDT



Maintaining water pressure within an acceptable range is vitally important in all types of building plumbing systems. Unregulated systems can cause high mechanical stress on system components, flow noise, valve cavitation, water hammer and uncomfortably high flow rates from faucets and shower heads.

John Siegenthaler, P.E. will join Kevin Freidt and Max Rohr from Caleffi to explain the basics of ideal pressure reduction in modern plumbing systems. The fundamentals and design best practices in the presentation apply to residential and commercial system design. This training is best suited for attendees looking to reaffirm the underlying design and installation criteria for ideal pressure regulation in plumbing systems.

You'll learn:
→ Plumbing system pressure concepts
→ Considerations for low/high pressure scenarios
→ Calculations for dynamic pressure drop
→ When to install PRVs in parallel or in series
→ How to utilize various designs of pressure reducing valves
→ Maximum high pressure reduction ratios and recommendations
→ Troubleshooting quick tips

John is a seasoned industry leader and passionate teacher, eager to share his over 40 years’ experience in the understanding and proper application of water-based engineering principles with our audience. He is the principal of Appropriate Designs and a regular contributor to industry publications.

Kevin is the director of product management and technical support at Caleffi North America.  He has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering technology, more than 30 years of experience in the commercial plumbing and heating industry.  He was selected to conduct a technical presentation at the upcoming ASPE Convention and Expo in Indianapolis in September.   

Max is the education and industry engagement manager at Caleffi North America leading interactions with trade associations, committees, industry initiatives and collaborative manufacturer partners.  Rohr – a self-described “energy nerd” – has 20+ years of work experience in installation, distribution, manufacturers’ representative and manufacturing roles. 

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