December 13, 2018

Coffee with Caleffi™

Backflow Preventers and How They are Applied
Thursday, Dec. 13
12 noon - 1 p.m. CST

Depending on the potential hazard level of the contaminating fluid and adherence to UPC/IPC codes and municipal regulations, there are multiple backflow preventer (BFP) product solutions. How do these products function and how are they applied? New to the webinar series, Jim Kosmatka, Master Plumber and state of Wisconsin inspector and instructor, will unravel for our audience the science of backflow preventers and illustrate practical examples of their use in order to keep your water delivery systems safe and secure. 

You'll learn: 

→ Common terms and handy references
→ Why are BFPs used?
→ What are examples of fluid hazards to guard against?
→ What can cause back siphoning? Back pressure?
→ How do I select the right BFP for my installation?
→ Typical ASSE standards and how they apply to BFP
→ How are BFPs constructed for the applicable ASSE standard?
→ What do inspectors take into consideration?
→ What common mistakes occur when applying BFPs? 

Buckle up and enjoy the ride because Jim Kosmatka boasts a veritable alphabet soup of credentials and know-how that he is excited to share with our audience. He effectively utilizes his 20+ years’ of experience as a Wisconsin Master Plumber in the trenches as a State Commercial Building and Plumbing Inspector and ASSE Cross Connection Control Tester. You’ll find Jim at the head-of-the-class, sharing his trade of passion, instructing the next generation professionals for the state. 

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