June 21, 2018

Coffee with Caleffi™

Demystifying Smart Pumps
Thursday,  June 21
12 noon CDT

With manufacturers of smart pumps increasing their offering of ECM pumps in the North America market, how should these pumps be applied and controlled in various types of hydronic and domestic water systems?  Matt Baker, sales associate for our manufacturers' representative TM Sales, joins the series to shed light on the intriguing importance of these modern day pumps.

You'll learn:

→ What makes a “smart pump” smart? (Hint: it’s not magic, it’s math!)
→ What are the "smart" control modes and how do they work?
→ Which control mode should be used for different types of applications?
→ Are there applications where a smart pump is not the best solution?
→ Do smart pumps require additional maintenance or service, compared to a constant speed pump?
→ Smart pumps cost more. Do they save money in the long run?

Having nearly 20 years’ of industry experience and providing 2000+ hours of ECM – a.k.a. “smart” pump - training, Matt is looking forward to his cameo appearance on the popular webinar series. He’s worked with Grundfos and various manufacturers’ representatives in the hydronic and plumbing industry. Today he pounds the pavement for TM Sales Inc. (Arvada, Colo.), sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm on a daily basis.

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