May 17, 2018

Coffee with Caleffi™

Hydraulic Separators Do More Than Decouple Pumps
Thursday,  May 17
12 noon CDT

Hydraulic separators were originally developed to provide a reliable means for preventing pumps from interfering with one another. Prior to their introduction, spacing two tees closely together was the chosen approach for accomplishing this.  Over the years, extra functionality was added to hydraulic separators by manufacturers that negated the need for other system components including air separators, dirt separators, and magnetic separators.

Mark Olson, General Manager, will discuss the various methods currently practiced to avoid pump conflict including their relative advantages and disadvantages. He will then discuss the principles of air, dirt and magnetic separation and explain when it makes sense to consider specifying their inclusion into hydraulic separators. Several installation photos will be used for illustration.

You'll learn: 

→ How does pump conflict occur and what are consequences to system performance?
→ Closely spaced tees, buffer tanks, and hydraulic separators: how do they all accomplish hydraulic separation?
→ Primary/secondary: are we talking the same thing? How about “low loss headers”?
→ All systems require air separation: how is air separation accomplished in hydraulic separators?
→ All systems require dirt protection: how is dirt separation accomplished in hydraulic separators?
→ Most systems require magnetic separation. Why? And how does it work?

Mark has served as general manager of Caleffi North America since 2005.  He holds an M.S.E. degree in Applied Mechanics from the University of Michigan.  Always eager to share his 30 years’ of experience, Olson leverages his analytical perspective with common-sense application resulting in a memorable audience event.

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