olimpiadi torino 2006

Olympic Winter Games Turin 2006

Génie civil / Infrastructure
Systèmes de chaleur

Project: Olympic villages of 'Mortara and Verolengo'
Location: Turin (IT)
Design: A team of local design studios

Some new villages were built for the 2006 Olympics in Turin, in order to accommodate all the people moving to the city for the important sporting event. Two of these structures, designed to host media representatives, are located in the area of Corso Mortara: the Village “Mortara” and Village “Verolengo” with 350 and 400 apartments, respectively. An impressive 9 MW heating plant serves the two blocks of buildings, delivering hot water to each facility. Every single living unit has been provided with a Caleffi Sat 7 heat interface unit for heat regulation, heat metering and domestic hot water production. Each Caleffi module is equipped with a 45 kW heat exchanger that fully satisfies the thermal power requirements of two bathrooms, and a programmable thermostat controlling the zone valve to ensure the perfect temperature inside the apartment. The heat meter, at the entrance of the heat interface unit, measures the thermal energy absorbed by the consumer and transfers the data via M-BUS transmission to a building centralised unit where the administrator can comfortably read the consumption levels.

Photo credits: Fabrizio da Flickr