Naples, Hotel Première ****

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Chauffage et systèmes de chaleur

The Hotel Première is situated some thirty minutes from the centre of Naples and less than an hour from the archaeological site of Pompeii and the ‘Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio’ national park. This newly constructed 4-star hotel has 37 rooms and is open all year round in Giugliano (Campania Region), near Varcaturo. Advanced solutions were adopted for building the facility, including the water and heating system.

The system, comprising solar heating panels in a zone highly exposed to sunlight, is integrated with a condensing boiler featuring a 4,000-litre water storage tank and is able to supply hot water to the entire facility, including the restaurant.

Also the heating system, completed by towel rail radiators installed in the bathrooms, features a condensing boiler and a Caleffi heat metering system.

Moreover, in order to supply the bar, it was decided to install additional solar heating panels with a dedicated condensing boiler and a 500-litre water storage tank.

The installation is completed by a Caleffi pressurisation unit equipped with backflow preventers and automatic shut-off valves, and by a fire safety room. In addition, the water storage tank features a water softening system.