July 23, 2020

ALL STAR Search in the #CaleffiClassic Contest


The moment you’ve been waiting for is FINALLY here.  The #CaleffiClassic Contest starts Thursday, July 23 and we’ve got an ALL STAR roster to select, player by player.  How do you make the team?  Select your go-to social media platform and check out Caleffi's LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram feed.  Each Thursday we’ll provide the tryout criteria.  Will you make the cut?  Our official ‍Ask Caleffi Umps will determine the position winner and will announce the winner by the following Wednesday at 12 noon CDT.   

CURRENT ALL STAR TRYOUT POSITION:  Four high-performance functions combined in one device with SEP4
Let's GO, fans!  It's week 4 in the #CaleffiClassic Contest and we've got we’ve an  ALL STAR to find.
Check out our feeds for criteria.  We'll announce our next ALL STAR on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 12 noon CDT.

What’s at stake? 
Each ALL STAR receives an official #CaleffiClassic T-shirt. 

CHECK out our photo winners from INSTAGRAM:

1 @plumbworker Delivering the HEAT with MIXCAL
3 @hvac_hatch Angling in on Savings with ANGLEMIX

Here are the official rules:  

1.  The official days of the competition are Thursday, July 23 through Wednesday Sept. 23, 2020.

2.  For each week of the competion we’ll provide the tryout criteria for a specific baseball position.  Tryout order is:  Catcher, Shortstop, 3rd Base, 1st Base, Center Field, 2nd Base, Left Field, Right Field, Pitcher

3.  You have one week to answer a tough technical question (LinkedIn and Facebook) or provide a cool install photo or video (Instagram) of the product position and tag your post with the #CaleffiClassic hashtag.  Feel free to comment about your great work to help our Judges learn about your install. 

4.  Our Ask Caleffi Umps will evaluate each player’s skill and announce a winner by 12 noon CDT on the following Wednesday.  A contestant can enter more than one day in the contest, but only one win is allowed per the contest. 

5.  The WEEKLY  WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED by noon on these Wednesdays:  July 29, Aug. 5, Aug. 12, Aug. 19, Aug. 26, Sept. 2, Sept. 9, Sept. 16 and Sept. 23.  Each ALL STAR PLAYER receives a commemorative #CaleffiClassic T-shirt. 

6.  Guys and gals:  you’ve got to be 18 years of age or older, work for a business active in the U.S./Canada plumbing or hydronics industry, own any content entered into the contest AND not be affiliated with Caleffi as a representative, media partner, son or daughter, etc., etc.

BTW, this fun competition is not sponsored, endorsed or associated with LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.  It’s another Caleffi original, inspired by a classic summer game!  

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