Nieuw kantoor in Brazilië


Over the last few years, the Brazilian market has been growing at a rapid pace in many industry fields, with amazing results in the building sector: the government fostered the economic development aiming at becoming the world's fifth largest economy by 2016, when Olympic Games will take place in Rio.

Caleffi has acknowledged this big chance and opened a branch in one of the most central and modern district of Saõ Paulo. The goal is to replicate the same business model that resulted successful worldwide. At least up to now. The new branch, already fully operating, guarantees customer care, technical and delivery support throughout the wide Country.


Are you interested in the Brazilian market? 

Contact us at:
Rua Tabapuã nº 821 conj. 86
CEP – 04533-013,  Itaim Bibi
São Paulo - SP

General Manager  Gonçalo Bessone Pereira  -  -  tel. +55 11 98779 2894

Technical Manager Filipe de Silva Cameira  -  -  tel. +55 11 98779 3359

Accountancy and Sales Dept. Viviane Souza - tel. +55 11 2362-4903/07