stadio cile

Municipal Stadium of Collao

Sport en vrije tijd

After its renovation, the Municipal Stadium of Collao hosted three matches of the Copa América 2015.

The structure from the Sixties was completely renovated, with a new look and new systems. Now the stadium can accommodate 30,000 people, has a functional cover system and improved acoustics.  

The most challenging project concerned the construction of 3 domestic hot water units for covering all the stadium's needs: the footballers, gymnasts, basketball players, dancers, fencing athletes, etc. often train at the same time. Caleffi installed on this system thermostatic mixing valves, pressure reducing valves, safety valves and components for regulating the complex plant, for allowing over 100 users to use hot water simultaneously.


photo credits: Rodrigo Gutiérrez + Francisco Javier Gutierrez Zuñiga da Flickr