The quality of Caleffi products wins through at Chengshan


"The manifolds we used to have were unable to maintain constant pressure during 6-bar pressure tests on the equipment and leakage occurred from the joints of the manifolds and tubes. With Caleffi's 668 series manifolds and fittings this problem has been solved. We think the difference lies in the small details”. This was the comment of the director general of the installation firm in charge of mounting component parts for the Chengshan systems project at Tianjin.

Completed in 2015, this residential complex and business estate at Chengshan with nigh on 35,000 sq. metres of built-up area is not striking for its vastness by Chinese standards, but it is an excellent example of how important it is to choose quality materials. In a construction sector where quality often falls by the wayside and high manufacturing standards are certified to be compliant with international regulations on paper only, this is indeed a success story.

Fortunately for the end users, the tendency to gravitate towards cheaper solutions which do not stand the test of time is becoming less frequent.