pinerolo condominio

Condominio Le Rose


Construction company: Immobiliare Le Rose S.r.l. di Fenoglio Michele, Turin - ItalyInstallatore: Idro 2000 S.r.l. di Morero Franco Bricherasio (TO)
Installer: Idro 2000 S.r.l. di Morero Franco, Bricherasio (TO) - Italy
Wholesaler: Idrocentro – Mr Barbero Maurizio

The Le Rose building block is located in Pinerolo, near Turin: thanks to the materials used and insulation solutions adopted, the energy requirements of the newly erected building conform to Class A standards (calculations effected in conformity to the UNI EN 832 and UNI 10348 standards, Recommendation CTI R 03/3 and related regulations).

All 25 dwelling units have refined finishes and advanced utility systems. They are equipped with flat solar heating panels covering 80 m2 (oversize) arranged along the ground, with a 5,000-litre water storage tank that supplies hot water through an instantaneous heat exchanger. Moreover, photovoltaic panels arranged in a circular pattern are installed on the roof of the building to satisfy the demands of the common systems.

The centralised radiator heating system is equipped with a direct-type metering system, with Caleffi 796 series zone shut-off modules, 3-way ON/OFF ball valve, double domestic water meter and MID-approved series 7554 calorimeter featuring M-BUS data transmission.

The central heating system is equipped with a 7550 series CONTECA® TOUCH controller capable of acquiring all the values recorded by the single utility points and transferring them – via GSM modem – directly to the Caleffi servers, which the building supervisors can access to download the data (heating and hot/cold domestic water consumption) remotely and subsequently analyse it.