"Clearing in the forest" satellite city


Construction firm:            Промстрой (Promstroi) – Kemerovo

Wholesaler/importer:     НОВЫЙ ГОРОД - Novy Gorod

Город-спутник «Лесная Поляна» - the satellite city “Clearing in the forest” is a housing estate currently under construction. Upon completion it will consist in 500 independent property units of sizes varying between 100 and 250 m². The entire complex is served by a natural gas-supplied district heating network. The heating system has a capacity of 3.7 MW distributed via a complex direct pipeline network of 10 inches at source. The thermal carrier fluid reaches the network at a temperature which varies, according to the climatic regulation system, between 70 and 90°C with head up to 4 bar.

Each property unit is connected via mechanical Caleffi SATK15  HIUs installed in a basement beneath the stairs. This is the most logical solution for providing plentiful heating and hot water upon command to the various households. SATK15 is equipped with a differential pressure regulator which cuts the excess pressure coming from the network depending on the distance of the property unit to the pumping station.

It is a hybrid system providing floor heating in the living area and convection heating in the sleeping quarters. Low-temperature heating supply takes place with a special thermostatic system.

By combining two-way modulating control with a prioritisation of hot water production over heating, it has been possible to make significant savings both in terms of consumption but also in terms of distribution network investments.