Compact recessed heat interface unit - LOW temperature


Recess-mounted heat interface unit complete with:

Heating (set point regulation)
- modulating valve (max. Δp 0.9 bar)
- safety valve
- flow temperature probe
 safety sensor
high-efficiency pump with safety bypass
- heat meter template code 755404K / 755405K
Heating temperature range: 25–45°C

DHW production 
- brazed exchanger 40 kW
- DHW temperature probe
- modulating valve on primary side exchanger (max Δp 0.9 bar)
- DHW priority flow meter
- DHW temperature range: 42-60°C (max 18 l/min).
- Electronic regulator

Functions which can be activated
• Modulating temperature regulation with compensated set point (Adjustment SET ±5 °C)

• DHW exchanger preheating 
• Floor slab drying

Max. working pressure: 10 bar.
Power supply 230 V - 50 Hz.
Power consumption: 75 W.

Dimensions (w x h x d): 570 x 410 x 110 mm.