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Components for Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are changing the HVACR and plumbing sector from a green perspective. Today it has become even more important to find solutions that support the energy transition and the deployment of renewable energy sources while reducing environmental impact.

Our comprehensive range of products for heat pump systems improves the operation and durability of new heating and cooling technologies with innovative components that guarantee the utmost quality, safety and energy saving.


transizione energetica qualità
Solutions for quality

Higher water quality within the system

transizione energetica sicurezza
Solutions for safety

Protecting the system and the planet

transizione energetica efficienza
Solutions for efficiency

Always available thermal energy

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Caleffi Solutions

Our comprehensive range for Heat Pump Systems

Solutions for quality

filtro defangatore XF
Maximise the quality of the water in your heat pump system with dirt separator filter

The components in a heating or cooling system are constantly exposed to wear caused by impurities in the water. 
This risk is particularly serious in the more delicate heat pump systems, as impurities could obstruct the small inner passages and affect the internal adjustment devices from working properly, reducing the flow rate.

The use of a magnetic dirt separator filter and compulsory chemical conditioning with the necessary additives guarantees higher water quality.


The dirt separator filter eliminates impurities

This keeps the quality of the water high as it circulates within heat pump systems and guarantees optimal operation, with an energy saving up to 15 %. 

Thanks to its dual filtering effect, the magnetic dirt separator filter can capture particles which are two times smaller than those captured by most filters currently available on the market and remove them, maintaining its efficiency over time.

Caleffi HED
Remove air from your system with the high-efficiency deaerator

Noisy pipes, insufficient flow rates, total circulation blockages, less than optimal heat exchange and corrosion of metal components are the most common problems that may arise when there is air within a system.

This is why it is essential to use a high-efficiency deaerator specifically designed for heat pump systems.

Caleffi HED Caleffi XF
The high-efficiency deaerator

The high-efficiency deaerator removes up to 99 % of the air in a system from the very first passage and guarantees:

optimum efficiency and protection
proper operation
lower maintenance costs
greater energy saving
When installed in conjunction with CALEFFI XF it further extends the life of the system, which remains protected from air and dust for efficient operation.

Solutions for safety

iStop Caleffi
Protect your investment and the planet with the antifreeze valve

Increasingly environmentally conscious, new technologies require significant investment and it is therefore important to ensure they remain protected and durable over time. Hydraulic circuits in self-contained or hydrosplit systems have an external section which connects the machine to the rest of the system and which, although short and well insulated, may be at risk of freezing in certain conditions, such as electrical blackouts in sub-zero temperature conditions.

The antifreeze valve protects the heat pump system from the formation of ice without diminishing its performance and without the use of electricity or harmful antifreeze substances.

The antifreeze valve that keeps water moving

The antifreeze valve opens a drainage channel to keep the medium in the circuit moving when the temperature of the water reaches an average value of 3 °C, thereby protecting the domestic heat pump system.

The antifreeze valve is easy to install and maintain, and features mechanical operation which does not require an electric supply.

Solutions for efficiency

separatore idraulico
Maximum efficiency for your heat pump system

The heat pump should continue to run even after the off command is received from the thermostats. This is essential, especially at the coldest times of the year, because it means the residual energy in the compressor can be worked off and defrosting (i.e. the heat exchanger defrost cycle) activated. In these situations, the machine needs a constant amount of thermal energy and minimal water circulation.

In low-inertia systems, the additional inertial volume is essential to guaranteeing thermal energy and allowing water to circulate, even if there are zones that are fully or partially closed.

Buffer tank-hydraulic separator for guaranteeing a minimum volume of water

The buffer tank-hydraulic separator is becoming an essential element in ensuring system efficiency as it guarantees the minimum volume of water required.

When the inertial separator cannot be installed, a differential by-pass valve is used, allowing water to circulate at a minimum flow rate. 

Caleffi Solutions for Heat Pumps