Richard Langley  | 

Hello Kevin/Caleffi. I have just ordered two of the Magnetic Dirt Separators for my hydronic system (using an outdoor wood boiler (OWB) to heat two buildings and so am filtering both sides). Really appreciate your Q&A section.
Couple of questions for you:
1) I have a Ground Source Heat Pump system in my house that is water to water to air. I am tapping into that with my new OWB and in doing so I discovered corrosion and scale build up. It appears the system is still salvageable but its condition has me wondering what I can do to ensure the water I use going forward is the best I can reasonably get it. I am on well water. I have a Kinetico water softener preceded with 5 micron sediment filters. Should I use this softened water? Should I purchase an RO system to further clear the water of minerals? Total system volume is approximately 100 gallons. Any other suggestions?
2) My existing system had a micro bubble air separator that had an expansion tank connected below it. I discovered that the bottom of the air separator was plugged with sludge and as a result the expansion tank was ineffective. I am speculating that the loss of expansion management resulted in the system having air drawn into the system when the hydronic water cooled in the off season (drawing air in through the air separator instead of just pushing it out) and as a result increased the corrosion I found. I am guessing that if I place a magnetic dirt filter in front of the replacement micro bubble air separator (the internal mesh was corroded in the original and in my ignorance I broke the float mechanism disassembling it) that the air separator is less likely to become plugged in future but should I have the expansion tank mounted separately from these devices? Is there a reason that most of these tanks are mounted hanging down rather than above the pipe? My brand confirms that either is fine but I am wondering if there are other considerations? The circulation pump draws through these components (in case you were wondering). Any other related thoughts would be appreciated.