ThermoBloc™ Recirculation and Distribution Unit (NPT)


Boiler protection recirculation and distribution unit.


Suitable fluids:  water, up to 50% glycol solutions

Max working pressure:  150 psi
Working temp range:  40° - 210°F
Max pumping capacity:  10 gpm
Temp gauge scale:  30° - 250°F

Thermostatic sensor:
    130°F and 140°F Tset standard
    115°F and 160°F Tset optional models*

Sensor cartridge accuracy:  ±4°F

By-pass from boiler complete closing temp:  Tset +18°F (130° + 18° = 148°F)

*Consult factory



BIM model

code description weight
281165A 1" NPT 130°F Tset 11
281166A 1" NPT 140°F Tset 11
281175A 1¼" NPT 130°F Tset 11
281176A 1¼" NPT 140°F Tset 11
F19379 replacement pump 5


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