DISCALDIRTMAG® - Magnetic Air and Dirt Separator, ASME/CRN (2 - 6")


Air and dirt separator with one magnet.

Epoxy resin coated steel body.

Stainless steel float guide pin and linkage.
Stainless steel mesh internal element.

ANSI 150 flange connections.

2" threaded NPT bottom drain connection.
Complete with drain valve (NA39753)

Max working pressure:  150 psi
Vessel temp range:  32° - 270°F
Particle separation capacity:  to 5 µm (0.2 mil)
Ferrous impurities separation efficiency:  up to 100% removal

ASME Registered.

ASME U-stamp tagged and registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.



  • ASME


code description weight
NA546050TM 2" Threaded ASME 31
NA546060AM 2-1/2" ANSI flange ASME 45
NA546080AM 3" ANSI flange ASME 76
NA546100AM 4" ANSI flange ASME 81
NA546120AM 5" ANSI flange ASME 184
NA546150AM 6" ANSI flange ASME 191


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