DIRTMAG® - Magnetic Dirt Separator, ASME/CRN (2 - 6" ANSI flange)


Epoxy resin coated steel body.

Complete with:
→ Bottom drain valve (code NA39753)

¾" NPT male top thread with brass cap.

ANSI 150 flange connections.

Max working pressure:  150 psi
Vessel temp range:  32° - 270°F
Particle separation capacity:  to 5 µm (0.2 mil)
Ferrous impurities separation efficiency:  up to 100% removal

ASME U-stamp tagged and registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors registered.
CRN Registered.



  • ASME


code description weight
NA546550AM 2" ANSI flange ASME 41
NA546560AM 2½" ANSI flange ASME 41
NA546580AM 3" ANSI flange ASME 58
NA546510AM 4" ANSI flange ASME 58
NA546512AM 5" ANSI flange ASME 141
NA546515AM 6" ANSI flange ASME 151


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