DIRTMAG® - Dirt Separator with Magnet and Isolation Valves for Vertical or Horizontal Pipes (brass)


Brass mounting housing.
Composite PA66G30 body.
Union isolation ball valves.

Can be rotated for installation to accomodate either vertical or horizontal pipes while maintaining the same operating performance.

Max working pressure:  45 psi
Working temp range:  32° - 195°F

Particle separation capacity: to 5 μm (0.2 mil)
Ferrous impurities separation efficiency:  up to 100% removal

Drain valve with hose connection.
Top dosing point port.
Dosing capacity:  12 fluid oz
Manual screw air vent.



code description weight
NA545355 ¾" NPT with isolation valves 5.5
NA545356 1" NPT with isolation valves 5.5
NA545357 1" press with isolation valves 5.5


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