14 June 2016

Static balancing devices

Operating principle

The balancing valve is a hydraulic device that makes it possible to regulate the medium flow rate passing through it. Regulation is performed using a knob that governs the movement of an obturator to regulate the flow of the medium. The flow rate is controlled according to the value of ∆p that is measured with two piezometric connections suitably positioned on the valve.


Venturi device for flow rate measurement

The 130 series valves of size from 1/2” to 2” are equipped with a flow rate measuring device based on the Venturi principle. It is housed in the valve body and is located upstream of the valve’s obturator, as shown in the figure.

This system provides the following benefits:

  1. Provides stable measurement during flow rate regulation. Balancing valves normally have their pressure test ports upstream and downstream of the valve obturator. This means that when the valve is closed to less than 50% of its full opening, the turbulence created downstream of the obturator causes instability in the pressure signal resulting in significant measurement errors.

  2. The Venturi system makes for a faster process of measurement and manual circuit balancing. The flow rate is now only a function of the ∆p measured upstream and downstream of the fixed orifice of the Venturi meter, upstream of the obturator, and no longer through the entire valve.

Adjustment knob

The shape of the adjustment knob is the outcome of research into ergonomics to ensure the greatest operator comfort and accurate adjustment.

  • The range of adjustment with 5 complete turns permits great accuracy when balancing hydraulic circuits.
  • The micrometric scale graduations are large and clear and make it easy to refine the flow rate adjustment.
  • The knob is made of high-strength, corrosion-proof, reinforced polymer.



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