11 May 2022

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  • Within section 1 we included a new chapter fully dedicated to heat pump systems components.
  • We developed a new combined group for pressure control in domestic water systems
  • Dedicated to modern and design bathrooms we introduce a complete range of manifolds for domestic water systems

Heat pump systems components

We believe in the revolution taking place in domestic heating&cooling and we invest in research, development and processes to create specific components for this kind of systems. Our goal is to simplify the work of designers and installers during the transition phase. We know it’s not easy to switch from traditional systems to new ones - it is stimulating and sustainable though.

A common scheme of a heat pump system wants some basic components to be in. Our offer is complete and satisfies every need during the installation phase. CALEFFI GUARANTEED.

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Combined group for pressure control

The combined group for pressure control in domestic water systems combines three different devices in a single component: a ball shut-off valve, a pressure reducing valve with filter and a EA type check valve. Installed on the pipe supplying hot or cold water to the users, it reduces the pressure of the water coming from the mains network, prevents the backflow of water into the mains system and allows users to be shut off during testing and maintenance procedures.

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Manifolds for domestic water systems

Used to control and distribute the medium in domestic water circuits. They are supplied already assembled in a plastic inspection box to facilitate positioning and installation. 
An aesthetic key? Their covers can be finished as you like: wall painting, tiles, steel plate, etc. for a contemporary decor.

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