14 February 2019


Hall 9.1 A42

Caleffi is entering a new dimension as it gears up for the ISH 2019 trade show in Frankfurt.

Firstly, the showcase set to host Caleffi and the other HVAC brands has changed. The new design of Messe Frankfurt has prompted a complete reorganisation of the halls and corresponding product sectors. So we’re all bidding farewell to the historic Hall 10.1, which has now been permanently decommissioned, as we move en masse to Hall 9.1, which offers a variety of structural and display-related advantages.

The first thing you notice is the height increase - nothing overwhelming but a distinct improvement, and it means the fixed structures of the stand can now rise to a height of 4 metres, which is something Caleffi has wanted for years. This will finally enable us to bring the CUBOROSSO - the key element of the latest iteration of the Caleffi stand - to Frankfurt.

Having had the opportunity to look over the bare shell of the hall ever since the start of the relocation work, and having strengthened our partnership with Messe Frankfurt at the same time, we now have the highest profile in the entire hall.

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As part of its drive for internationalisation, Caleffi has chosen to expand its exhibition space.

ISH is our sector’s leading trade show outside Italy, where Caleffi has its three manufacturing sites and Headquarters. ISH is also currently the most established trade show in the field, and has the widest attendance, both in terms of the range of HVAC professionals who come and the nationality of its visitors. ISH is a focal point for both the European and worldwide industry, as can be seen from the statistics on attendees and exhibitors alike. ISH represents both history and renewal for Caleffi, which becomes one of the largest exhibitors in the hall as of 2019, with the same surface area as the other major players.

The message we’re sending our audience is loud and clear. This latest step forward repositions us at worldwide level. The confidence we’ve gained over the years, in terms of both sales and manufacturing, is visually expressed at ISH. 

With a bolder approach than at the last edition, we’ll be on show in Frankfurt not only with our latest products, but with the solidity of our Italian company as a whole, complete with its values, goals, people and the work spaces we use on a daily basis.

A cursory glance will soon show anyone how close Italian manufacturing is to Caleffi's heart: the predominating colours are white, red and green: a deliberate and strategic choice representing the Italian flag. What could better express Caleffi's deeply-rooted pride in its nation's talent? This conviction has accompanied it for almost… 60 years now.

Another aim in the air is that of bringing the parent company, physically we could say, to the international market. The physical presence of the CUBOROSSO, which encapsulates Caleffi in Virtual Reality format, has made it possible to condense our spaces and offer a privileged view of Caleffi’s business practices and values.

The reproduction of our Research Centre reinforces the concept of investment in technology, materials and innovation in the broadest sense. It provides attendees with an immersive experience worthy of its place within the Caleffi Experience project. Opening Caleffi up to its worldwide audience by harnessing the power of digital communication, offering an emotional experience and revealing the character of the company through sounds and images also puts us at the cutting edge in terms of our approach. It enables visitors to feel what it’s like to walk into our company, stroll through the corridors and discover the nerve centres of company life, by means of a totally engaging, first-hand, 360°, 3D virtual reality experience.

From an architectural point of view, moreover, the CUBOROSSO is a striking landmark and the nucleus of the entire stand, acting as a wheel hub from which the other units fan out geometrically. From an ideological point of view, it represents Caleffi unequivocally and stamps its character on the stand, through both its structural and emotional force.

And now we come to the three main spaces on the stand, each one conveying a definite architectural and symbolic meaning:


The industrial slant and technical materials clearly show how strongly we identify with the Italian engineering sector - an area which has quickly grown and ably expanded on an international level, without ever betraying its traditional values. Our manufacturing core has not altered, yet we have forged into world markets with giant strides and broadened our offering of components for heating and hydronic systems to cater for a constantly evolving and increasingly demanding market.

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- CHD and BIM Column > TARGET: DESIGNERS​​​​​​​

The CHD and BIM column creates a circular area that gives visitors an insight into the latest software platform developments for HVAC designers and BIM libraries.

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Our attention to our guests and our desire to build up a team spirit is perfectly expressed in this welcoming setting which has been furnished in warm and comfortable materials. We want this to be an enjoyable moment, intense yet serene - a special place offering privacy with a pleasant harmonious touch, and great Italian food.