21 October 2019

EKINEX: New acquisition for Caleffi

Caleffi has acquired a minority share in the capital of EKINEX S.p.A., a company operating in the home automation sector, which is part of the SBS group.

EKINEX was established in 2012 by employing a group of technical experts in the field of automation and, in particular, with regard to the KNX standard. After having developed a first series of certified products, in 2014 the company officially entered the market, which brought it into contact with the many players operating in the Home & Building Automation sector, including architects and interior designers.

Today, EKINEX is active in 98 countries worldwide. Its R&D laboratories have developed control systems for homes and buildings that combine the value of home automation technology and innovation with the aesthetics of design and attention to detail.

With this acquisition, Caleffi has entered the world of Home & Building Automation, which is increasingly linked to the plumbing and heating sector, a field in which it has been a leading player for almost 60 years.

EKINEX CEO Gianni Storti commented on the acquisition, which took place last July: ‘We have found CALEFFI to be the ideal partner in order to seize the growing opportunities of a rapidly expanding market, namely, that of building automation. There are many synergies and points of contact between our two companies and we trust that this will lead to a fruitful collaboration.’

Marco Caleffi, Chairman of the Caleffi Group, said: ‘By joining EKINEX, we are continuing the Group’s strategy of growth through external acquisitions. We realised that we could expand our portfolio of electronic systems and products by integrating expertise from the rapidly expanding world of home automation systems. We have therefore seized this opportunity to grow while staying true to our local roots: this has led to a partnership between leading Made in Italy brands, which can increase our credibility even more. This acquisition is sure to instantly provide a strong impetus to the whole group.’

Once again, the expansion of Caleffi is the result of a combination of complementary expertise and like-minded people. The desire to share new perspectives on global markets by leveraging the experience of one company and the systems of the other is already a reality. We hope that both companies will achieve global growth.