23 June 2021


Research. Dedication. Investments. High-tech. Comfort. Reliability. Total quality. Continuous change. Made in Italy.
These are all the values that we, at Caleffi, have always stood for. We are flowing expertise, which allows us to always look one step ahead, and we have chosen a new way of telling our story.



With our heating and plumbing solutions, we have been redesigning the comfort of the spaces we live and work in for 60 years. This is thanks to the flow of expertise, technology, experience and innovations that we have acquired over the decades by constantly exchanging ideas with our customers and suppliers. A flow that pushes boundaries, allowing us to constantly set the benchmark.

Caleffi Flowing Expertise

The outcome of all this is flowing expertise, which is made up of five key words that are at the heart of our communication.  Five words that reveal our uniqueness and stem from our daily life. Five words that reflect our practical approach, a corporate philosophy based on processes, products, people and the choices we make on site. When combined, they form a corporate identity that is even more transparent and true, unfiltered.

Flow of life


Flowing expertise also means sharing our know-how, our way of being and reaching out to as many people as possible. This is why we pay as much attention to all Caleffi communication as we do to creating our heating and plumbing solutions.

Caleffi’s new graphic design is a journey of discovery which, through its visuals, guides those who enter our world. It is an actual flow that starts from the pictogram of the logo and makes its way through the world of our solutions, becoming its distinctive feature.

Caleffi 60th AnniversaryDynamic shapes, vibrant gradients and an iconic language portray a company that strives to set the right climate for life by learning, developing and improving products and expertise over time and as the market changes.

This shift in communication can already be seen in many of our touchpoints. Physical ones, such as advertising in trade magazines, roll-ups and posters in retail outlets, the new tone of voice in articles for technical magazines, product banners on online portals and on our social media pages.

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It will soon be featured on our website, on our digital marketing layouts and on our product landing pages so that we can complete our renewal process - also visually.

This evolution in communication is only just beginning; in the years to come, it will flow through the everyday situations we face like flowing expertise.