HIGH-STYLE double angled convertible radiator and lockshield valve with central connection. Right-hand version. White finish.


Pair consisting of:
- double angled convertible radiator valve fitted for thermostatic control head 205 series;
- lockshield valve, double angled connections;
- two pipe-covering/wall-covering shells and allen key.
Right-hand version.
To be used with fittings 437, 447, 681 and 679 series.
White finish.
Max. working pressure: 10 bar.
Temperature range: 5÷100°C.



code radiator connection pipe connection Kv (m³/h) valve Kv (m³/h) lockshield (f.o.) pack package
400301 1/2" 23 p. 1,5 1,27 1,37 1 5

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