Distribution unit for homes with separate water supply


Distribution unit for homes with separate water supply, heat exchanger SWW and heat exchanger heating, equipped with the following components:
1. Brazed heat exchanger (Pnom 15 kW);
2. Modulating 2-way valve (primary circuit);
3. Safety valve 3 bar;
4. Flow temperature probe;
5. Safety sensor;
6. Template energy meter code 755404K / 755405K;
7. Expansion vessel 7 l;
8. Pump with bypass for security;
9. Filling kit;
10. Pressure switch;
Production SWW
11. Brazed heat exchanger;
12. Modulating 2-way valve primary circuit;
13. Temperature sensor SWW;
14. Flowmeter priority SWW;
NB: there is no function provided for SKW.
15. Electronic controller.
Alimentation: 230 V - 50 Hz.
- scope low temperature: 25÷45°C;
- scope medium/high temperature: 50÷75°C.
Temperature scope SWW: 42÷60°C.
Connections system 1” M.
Housing made of PPE, color grey.
Functions to activate:
- compensation sensor return set: low temperature;
- pre-heated heat exchanger SWW.
- primary: 16 bar;
- secundary heating: 3 bar;
- secundary SWW: 10 bar.
Consumption: 75 W.
Dimensions (h x w x d): 550 x 630 x 265 mm.



SATK30103HE heat exchanger 40 kW - high efficiency pump UPS2 15-60

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